What is EMS Training?

Here is what we can help you achieve by combining individual training programmes with Electrical Muscle Stimulation:
 Lean up , Tone up, Lose weight, Look great
  • Faster recovery after injury and/or surgery
  • Train your muscles to become stronger without getting achy joints
  • Save precious time and still get the body of your dreams
  • Have fun whilst training (who would’ve thought this was even possible)
  • Perform better without sacrificing hours of your time
  • Look fit, feel great and still have loads of energy and time to spend with your family

What does a session look like?

XBody training sessions are very straightforward. You either arrive or get changed into your XBody undergarment and your certified XBody EMS Trainer will help you put on the suit. The suit is sprayed with water in order to help all the electrodes conduct the currency to the targeted muscles.
Once you’re suited up you are ready for your 20 minute training programme. The trainer will create tailored workouts for you (and your friend) to make sure you are getting the most out of your session.

EMS Training

Why use Electrical Muscle Stimulation?

The biggest reason why we are great fans of EMS Training is because it’s super efficient. When you think of Personal Training sessions you are immediately thinking that they last one hour, but EMS Training allows us to create the same, or an even better training stimulus or impulse in just 20 minutes.


Apart from being time efficient, electrical stimulation helps create neural pathways which lead to better muscle contractions. We can use the device in both a rehabilitation setting as well as high performance. See it as a quick and efficient way to effectively train your muscles without putting strain on your joints, whilst EMS Training is also very effective for anyone who is on a weight loss mission and wants to tone up.


 Let’s dive deep into the world of Electrical Muscle Stimulation.

In order to give you an idea of how it actually works we need to look at our muscles.

Our skeletal muscles basically consist of 2 types:

  • Type 1 or red muscle fibres which contract slowly and are doing the majority of the work when you work on endurance or slow speed, ie walking, going on a gentle bike ride etc.
  • Type 2a and 2b or white muscle fibres which contract fast and are used for more dynamic and explosive actions, like swinging a golf club, jumping and sprinting.


The electrodes strategically placed within the XBody suit send a specific currency through your muscles. Our warm-up is typically done within a low frequency to stimulate the red muscle fibres while the actual workout targets the type 2 muscle fibres by sending a higher frequency through your muscles.

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